eLearning Resources

Here are a few eLearning resources to help you with your next project. Prospective clients will find these guides answer a lot of questions about how to outsource your projects, and fellow freelancers may find some tips on how to better work with their clients. In either case – my goal is to help you avoid eLearning disasters and achieve eLearning success!

How to Write eLearning RFPs

A Request for Proposal (RFP) is the best way to make sure that you find the right consultant for your eLearning needs. An RFP clearly describes what you are looking for, and can help you get competitive bids on your project. In this guide I provide a template you can use, as well as descriptions of potential requirements for you to consider. Still have questions? Consider requesting a phone consultation.

How to Create eLearning Style Guides

Style Guides are useful tools when you are outsourcing your eLearning to either a company or a consultant. They can also be beneficial for teams of consultants working together to do multiple modules on a single project. When followed, a style guide will help achieve consistency and decrease the cognitive load for learners. Find out what you need to consider when putting together your style guide by downloading this guide.

How to Manage eLearning Projects

Being an effective eLearning project manager or team leader requires an understanding of project management, eLearning development and instructional design. If you work with a project manager who has experiencing other types of projects – but not eLearning – you may find holes in the instructional effectiveness of the final product. Likewise, if you use an eLearning developer who is not familiar with project management skills, you may find you have an instructionally sound design but a long turnaround time or increased costs. For the best of all worlds, you need to make sure your eLearning project manager has a nice balance of all these skills. This guide provides a checklist for what to look for and how to develop the needed skills.