eLearning Portfolio: Emma Santa

Interactive Resume

eLearning Portfolio - Interactive Resume

Take a tour in this interactive resume and learn about my background in corporate eLearning, project management and performance analysis.

Complete eLearning Projects

eLearning Portfolio - Complete Projects

From concept to finished product, view samples of complete projects to learn how they begin, evolve and complete. You’ll see how I structure the learning experience, storyboard, and conceptualize interactions. Click to view samples of an eLearning project lifecycle.

Branching Scenarios

eLearning Projects - Branching Scenarios

One of the most effective ways of presenting concepts is through the use of branching scenarios. These interactive experiences help learners take concepts and turn them into actions. Simple, they can be like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, leading you down a path to success. More advanced, they can show the consequences of what happens when the learner fails to make the correct choice. Click to see “behind-the-scenes” scenario mapping and experience the scenarios themselves.

Drag-and-Drop Interactions

eLearning Portfolio - Drag-and-Drop Interactions

You may be familiar with Drag-and-Drop from having to upload or move a file on your computer. In eLearning, these simple interactions are a way to encourage applying knowledge. You can use them to compare and contrast, enact a sequence of events, or sorting and mapping. Available in both Storyline and Captivate, Drag-and-Drop is a quick way to add meaningful interactivity to your course. Click to scroll through some Drag-and-Drop examples.

Software Simulations

eLearning Portfolio - Software Simulations

Software simulations can be as simple as a screen captured video, to versions which allow learners to interact and experience real time consequences. Done right, you can combine both options for “Show Me” and “Let Me Try” experiences for learners. Click to view sample software simulations.

eLearning Challenges – Articulate Storyline

eLearning Portfolio - eLearning Challenges

The eLearning challenges from Articulate are great way to showcase skill sets and design techniques. In my challenge showcase you will find the challenge, .story files, and the final product. I’ve also included notes on the conceptual and instructional design for each piece.