eLearning Projects

eLearning projects start in different places. Sometimes I have access to a subject matter expert (SME), while others have predesigned training slides. No matter where the project starts, each goes through the stages of gathering, analyzing, designing, developing and implementing. Once the project has been completed, evaluation and assessment can begin. In each of my projects, I provide all supplementary files and design notes to the client.

eLearning Projects - Introduction to Beekeeping: Smokers

Introduction to Beekeeping: Smokers

Challenge: The goal was to provide an online training module to members of the Ballarat Regional Beekeepers Club. Content was provided in the form of handwritten course notes. Learners go through the online module, then demonstrate the appropriate steps in-person to an instructor.

Supporting Documentation:
Notes | Storyboard | Style Guide | Articulate 360 File

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